Capri-Sonne thrills children with ‘The Minions’ Promo

Chi Limited, makers of Capri-Sonne natural fruit drink has just launched a promo to coincide with the release of the movie, The Minions by Universal Studios.

Children in the country are in for exciting times as they now have an opportunity to win free Minions gifts inside every carton of their favourite Capri-sonne that they get within the promo period.

The toys include beach ball, magnet, goggle, magnetic frame, key chain, activity set and other Minion toys.

The promo is being taken broadcast nationwide with an effective media campaign that includes television, radio, print, billboards and digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition consumer engagement platforms such as trade activations like taste testing in schools and malls have commenced to connect with consumers.

According to the Managing Director, Chi Limited, Deeepanjan Roy, “We are confident that Capri-Sonne Promo will resonate with children across Nigeria and increase product consumption and brand affinity.

“Minions are hugely popular amongst children the world over and we have no doubt that the Capri-Sonne Minions room will create excitement, buzz, adventure and fun which Capri-Sonne has been known for over the years.”

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