NB to empower budding entrepreneurs

Nigerian Breweries (NB) brand, Life Continental Lager Beer, has initiated an entrepreneur empowerment scheme valued at N12.5 million and called Progress Booster. The aim is to assist budding entrepreneurs in the South Eastern States.

The Marketing Manager, Lager and Stout, Mr. Emma Agu, while speaking with stakeholders (distributors, retailers and others) at the launch of the project in Onitsha recently, stated that Progress Booster was a radio inspired reality project meant to re-launch and reinvigorate the Life Continental brand in the greater South East market.

He added that the empowerment scheme program would run from May to December.

Mr. Agu noted that the winners of the business plan competition would be given N250,000 each to start up their businesses, while being provided technical support by business experts.

Furthermore, the winners would get additional financial support of N250,000 each if their businesses was doing well after 3 months.

He also said that the winners would be announced every week via partner radio stations in Onitsha, Enugu, Owerri and Aba.

4 Responses to NB to empower budding entrepreneurs

  1. Okeke t. says:

    When is this competition and how does one enroll for it. Till when is it valid?

  2. Okeiyi Christopher says:

    How can one participate in this programme/project?

  3. Igboke Nkemdili says:

    How can one participate in this programme/project?

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