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Heineken launches “Heineken 3”, mid-strength beer targeting day drinkers

Dutch brewer, Heineken unveiled its newest creation on Friday in Australia. The new brand named “Heineken 3” is a premium mid-strength extension of its famous brand with lower calories and carbs.

“Heineken 3 has only 86 calories per bottle, 5g carbs and 3.3 per cent ABV so consumers no longer have to compromise on taste and premium experience when choosing a lower calorie beer,” the company said.

It would be the first product launched by the company in 20 years. Heineken is spending AUS$6 million in a marketing blitz to get people to drink the brew.

Champion Breweries appoints Patrick Ejidoh as new Managing Director

Champion Breweries Plc, the Uyo, Akwa Ibom based brewer has appointed Patrick Ejidoh as its new Managing Director.

Mr. Ejidor takes over from Sharm Ganesh Kulkarm, who is retiring after 28 years in Nigeria, four of which was spent as Managing Director of Champion Breweries. Ejidoh holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and had been the Public Affairs Manager, East for Nigerian Breweries Plc up until his recent appointment.

At a ceremony organized by the company in Uyo, Ejidoh promised to maintain the company’s profitability in managing the brewery while ensuring the optimal welfare of the employees.

Nigeria’s downturn leading to value brand switch, warns Heineken

Heineken said on Tuesday that the current economic slump in Nigeria is making beer drinkers switch to cheaper brands. “Nigerian consumers are still drinking beer,” the brewer acknowledged, but is concerned many are moving away from premium to value brands as families struggle in the face of a slowing economy and recovering from the effects of the recent currency devaluation.

Champion Breweries half-year revenue and profit rise

Champion Breweries Plc on Wednesday reported N79m net profit for the first-half of 2016, a 441% increase from last year when it earned N15m.

The Akwa Ibom based brewer said that revenue for the period grew 15% to N1.8bn, up from N1.6bn in the previous year.

The company also posted impressive results in the quarter under review, with net profit rising 305% to N22m on N958m revenue.

Heineken records higher growth in half-year despite currency pressure in emerging markets

Dutch brewer Heineken N.V. said on Monday that net profit fell 49% to €586m in the first-half of 2016, after removal of exceptional items. It added that if it hadn’t been for the exceptional items, net income would have been  €977m ($1.1bn), a 6.8% increase from last year’s €915m.

Heineken reported strong results in half-year as demand for its products in Asia and Western Europe offset weaknesses in Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Heineken’s Chief Executive Jean-Francois van Boxmeer said while the company had “performed well in volume, revenue and profits,” the downside had been its “subdued performance in Africa and the Middle East.”

Heineken Unveils World’s First Carbon-Free Brewery

Heineken NV, the third largest brewer in the world with over 165 breweries and 250 brands in its portfolio announced that it has created the world’s first large scale zero-carbon brewery.

Gösser Brewery, located in the picturesque alpine town of Göss in Central Austria, two and half miles by road south of Vienna is the model brewery in Heineken’s sustainability effort to reduce 40% of its carbon footprint (CO2) by 2020.

Heineken Outperforms forecast in Q1 2016

Dutch brewer Heineken NV said today it sold more beer in the first quarter of 2016 (Jan – Mar) than it expected, buoyed by 23% volume growth in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia) and higher sales around the Chinese New year.

AB InBev’s merger with SABMiller likely to create opportunities for Heineken, says analysts

Anheuser Busch InBev (AB InBev) takeover of SABMiller last year creates opportunities for the number three beer company in the world, Heineken, which would move up to number two spot, albeit a distant second when the AB InBev/SABMiller merger is finalized later this year.

The merger of AB InBev and SABMiller has forced AB InBev to dispose-off some of SABMiller’s joint-venture partnerships in key markets in order to appease competition regulators, where their combined market power would have made them a monopoly. AB InBev agreed to divest itself of the 58% stake SABMiller held in MillerCoors in the US, agreeing to sell it back to Molson Coors, SABMiller’s joint-venture partner. Similarly, AB InBev has agreed to sell SABMiller’s stake in Peroni, Grolsch and Meantime brands to Asahi Group Holdings of Japan and SABMiller’s 49% stake in CR Snow to China Resources (Beer Holdings) Ltd, SABMiller’s joint-venture partner.

Heineken looks-on with keen interest amid currency turmoil in Nigeria

Heineken is observing with keen interest the Naira headwinds, which makes it difficult for the company to take money out of the country.

A spokesperson for Heineken, said that currency repatriation in Nigeria, the company’s second biggest by profit contribution, was getting “more difficult but is not impossible.”

Heineken posts 25% profit and higher revenue in full year 2015 results

Amsterdam-based Heineken N.V on Wednesday, reported a 25-per cent rise in net profits for full year 2015, on the back of higher revenue and favourable exchange rates in key markets.

The world’s third largest brewer reported higher profits in mature and cash strapped European markets which accounts for half of its revenue. The brewer saw higher profits in Poland, Spain, UK and France, which were driven by sales in premium beer and cider and helped by last summer’s good weather.