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7Up posts higher profits on aggressive market penetration

Seven-Up Bottling Plc’s year end results shows the company’s aggressive market penetration across various product lines as profit nudged up to 10.64 percent despite a hard biting economic environment that has seen stunted growth in consumer product firms in the country.

The company declared a profit of N7.12 billion for the year ended March 2015, compared with N6.43 billion, a year ago. Sales were up by 5.93 percent to N82.45 billion.

The growth in sales was attributed to the company’s aggressive penetration in the rural areas than urban Nigeria. This gave the company higher market leverage than newer fringe players competing with the products in the cities.

7Up Third Quarter (Q3) 2014 Profit up 16.13%

7Up Bottling Company Plc growth trajectory remained steady for the third consecutive period as third quarter (Q3) 2014 profit after tax (PAT) grew by 16.13 percent to N4.54 billion, from N3.91 billion in the same period of the preceding year. Sales rose by 8.88 percent to N59.83 billion.

The company’s record earnings growth has been unprecedented since 2013 financial year. This means that the company has been successfully marketing its products to the growing population and the rising middle class.